Image of 738 - special edition

738 - special edition


These images were made in and around east Los Angeles in California.
The title of this book - 738 - being the building number of where I lived, represents the starting point to a series of photographic excursions in search of images that related to ideas of solitude and belonging, and how we go about in making a place our own. Los Angeles. 2016

Special edition: 30 books - signed and numbered includes a framed print
Chromogenic print
24x 30 cm

design: -SYB-
edit and sequence: -SYB- and Nico Silberfaden
lithography and production: Colour & Books

laser cut softcover
71 pages - 15 inserts - 76 images -
30.7 cm x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-0-692-69711-5
Publication date: May 2016